Published: 26th March 2012
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Silver belt buckles have become a very popular fashion item in recent years. These days everyone from presidents to cowboys can be seen wearing silver belt buckles. Handcrafted silver belt buckles can liven up any look, from country and western to hip hop. Producing a beautiful belt buckle is an art in itself. Many are cut and engraved by talented silversmiths. Companies like Lone Star Silversmiths specialize in producing beautiful custom handcrafted silver belt buckles that go great with any style.

A belt's buckle is the clasp that is used to fasten and secure two ends of a belt. A belt buckle serves a very practical purpose, in that it keep’s a person’s pants up! The first belt buckles were believed to have been built in Asia during many thousands of years ago during the Bronze Age. Among the materials used to fashion these early belt buckles included bronze, silver and gold. Many of these early buckles were spectacularly decorated and were worn as a sign of high status. The Romans, Chinese and Greeks were some of the early civilizations that used belt buckles, even though Tomaso Kellioni, an Italian blacksmith in the sixteenth century, is often credited with the “invention” of the belt buckle for use in fastening belts, shoes and boots.

Today, belt buckles come in many different styles. Belt buckles are still made from silver and gold, but they’re also made from plastic as well. Buckles can be covered with everything from cheap costume jewelry to turquoise, diamonds and other precious gemstones. Belt buckles can be high tech as well; there are buckles that light up and others that are capable of transmitting digital messages.

Undoubtedly, the most popular type of belt buckle today is the cowboy belt buckle. Ironically the cowboys of the Wild West wore suspenders or used friction buckles to keep up their pants. Cowboy belts buckles originated in the West alright – Hollywood, California to be exact. And they weren’t worn by the cowboys that rode range – they were worn by the cowboy stars of the silver screen.

During the ’30s and ’40s, Westerns were one of the most popular movie genres. This popularity had a huge influence on the popular fashion of the time. Films such as Stagecoach (1939) and the Yellow Rose of Texas (1944) depicted heroic cowboys wearing belts with buckles that would soon be known as “cowboy” belt buckles. One of the most famous cowboy belt buckles was John Wayne’s Red River “D” buckle given to him by director Howard Hawks for his performance in the popular Western Red River (1948).

Trophy belt buckles are buckles made for a specific event such as a rodeo or cutting or other similar event. They first appeared in the 1920s and were awarded as prizes or memorabilia at special events. Over the years trophy buckles got bigger and more elaborate. They’ve become the rodeo equivalent of an Olympic medal. Trophy buckles usually have the event name and year, the winner's name engraved upon them. The more detail on the buckle, the more valuable and desirable it becomes. Without a doubt the most prized trophy buckle today is the one awarded to the All-Around PRCA Champion.

Lone Star Silversmith has been producing beautiful handcrafted silver belt buckles in Texas for many years. They specialize in the custom fabrication of Rodeo and Custom Trophy buckles. Lone Star Silversmiths also produces spectacular awards, ribbons, and silver accessories for any event. Each piece can be hand-crafted to match your own unique design. For more information on getting your own beautiful handcrafted silver belt buckle contact Lone Star Silversmiths at 877-373-0529.

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